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Reprinted from the
Topsail Advertiser -
   Business Spotlight
August 11, 2005

Relaxation key for Massage Therapists.

By Sheree L Alderman
Topsail Advertiser Correspondent

    Stress plays a big role in nearly everyone's life - from the hours spent at work and taking care of family or just dealing with the everyday grind, the day to day shuffle can sometimes make individuals feels tense and ill-at-ease.
    Just imagine stepping into a quiet atmosphere, candles burning and soft music playing in the background. With this serene emotional environment, coupled with a massage and aromatherapy, it is Andrea Lemieux and Carey Hendrix's goal to get everyone ready to start the day more relaxed and in a better frame of mind.
    Both licensed massage and bodywork therapists, Lemieux and Hendrix love to share their peaceful environment in hopes that it will bring healing to body, mind and spirit.
Andrea Lemieux
    "I go to massage land myself," says Lemieux, "I work with my eyes closed. I attribute it to my school training. I get into my therapeutic breathing. I also work with beautiful music. It's like a ballet."
    In 1993, Lemieux began searching for her life's work. An acquaintance had just gone through a massage therapy course and shared it with her. Right away, she felt a strong interest and started looking for the perfect school for herself. She soon choose DoveStar Institute, a school of holistic teaching in Hookset, NH.
    Through studying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development techniques, Lemieux is now a licensed massage and bodywork therapist practicing Kriya, bereavement, aromatherapy and sports massage. She is also a Reiki practitioner who combines Reiki with all bodywork sessions.
    "I was looking for something to do," says Lemieux. "I decided upon DoveStar because of its spiritual values over another more commercial school."
    Andrea throws around terms like, "renewed sense of well being", "energy pathways", "sensors" and seeing colors she refers to as "chakras". These are the buzz words of massage land.
    "When you get a Massage, it releases endorphins", says Lemieux. "Feelings are hard to put into words. When I talk about massage therapy words are useless. It's the experience of receiving a massage."
    Lemieux explains that sometimes patrons will see colors as they are being massaged, like beautiful greens and blues. Theses are known as chakras, energy pathways or sensors.
    "I just refer to it as chakras", says Lemieux. "That's part of the fun too. Sometimes clients will say to me, 'Am I seeing colors?'".
    Lemieux tells them that she believes that they have gone into those "wonderful" parts of the brain to experience the chakras
    Although Lemieux performs various different types of massage, Kriya (pronounced Kree'a), and Reiki seem to be very popular. Kriya is a rhythmic massage that integrates flowing energy patterns that project a "oneness" with the body. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that also enhances healing through the use of life force energy.
    As Lemieux applies her knowledge to her clients, she feels they both come out winners.
    "I call it massage land," says Lemieux. "I zone out myself."
Carey Hendrix
    Carey Hendrix is certainly unique when it comes to a massage therapist. Having lived in Wilmington area for more than 33 years, he worked most of that time in Construction.
    "In 2002 I knew I had to change something," says Hendrix. "I'm not a youngster anymore. I don't feel like climbing three story buildings anymore or crawling under houses."
    Although it may seem like a far stretch from that type of environment to massage therapy, to Hendrix it really isn't.
    "It's still being creative with my hands. It's just a different medium," says Hendrix.
    Several people have told him that he did a great job of getting the kinks out of their shoulders and suggested he check out where he could go to school to further his knowledge. Because he is a single father of two teenagers, he looked for local schools and soon found Miller-Motte Technical College. After he passed the diploma program, he achieved his national certificate and went to work.
    "After I finished with school, one of the instructors asked if I would stay one as a teaching assistant, which I did," says Hendrix.
    Having retained a bit of strength from the construction world, Hendrix seems to be exceptionally good at deep tissue work for those who need it.
    "If they don't need it, I certainly don't go there," he says laughing.
    Hendrix is a unique individual in the sense that when his children were born, he stayed home with them. Referring to himself as "Mr. Mom," Hendrix has no regrets.
    "I had a great time. I stayed home and had a blast. It's very fulfilling in many ways, and I don't see how our society has taught us not to reward for family life. We are now taught that success should mean money. It should mean something else. Society has taught, especially men, not to be emotional. That is wrong. They need to be taught to be emotional."
    When it comes to massage, its all a learning process according to Hendrix who primarily tries to stay with relaxation and therapeutic massage, along with some reflexology. Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands, which corresponds to every part of the body..
    "I've found there is a whole other world out there," says Hendrix. "More holistic, more homeopathic like. I'm trying very much to educate people to be more productive in their life."
    Hendrix truly believes in what he is doing and feels that it can benefit everyone.
    "Our society, unfortunately, over the decades has been taught not to believe what you can't see or touch. That's not true," says Hendrix, who is certain of his future.
    "I've enjoyed it. It's been a big career change, and I'm not making masses of money right now. But that's not why I got into this," says Hendrix. "When you go to work at something you enjoy doing, you do a better job. If everyone had a job they really liked, our medical bills would be a lot lower. 'Happy' is not necessarily money."

    Lemieux and Hendrix can be found at 328 North Topsail Drive, Surf City. The phone number is 910-328-6333. Call to find out the availability of each.

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