M Carey Hendrix

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist

MC Hendrix InitialsGift Certificates

    Purchase and Print Gift Certificates for yourself or give them as gifts to either location of MC Hendrix Therapeutic Massages, (Wilmington, NC or Surf City, NC) Can be used to pay in advance for your own sessions or given as gifts. Nothing will be remembered longer then the gift of good health with a Therapeutic Massage, and no one is more thorough than M Carey Hendrix.


How it Works

To purchase gift certificates online, . . .

  1. Pay for the desired number of certificates with your credit card, e-check or bank transfer through our PayPal account.
  2. Print a copy of your PayPal Receipt.
  3. On completion you will be taken to the appropriate page for you to print your Gift Certificates. Write the PayPal Receipt number in the appropriate place on the certificates.

Present the certificate at your next session or give to a friend or family member to enjoy the benefits of a Therapeutic Massage.