M Carey Hendrix

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist


    Reflexology is the technique of massaging specific points on a persons extremities to affect other muscles, organs or regions within the body.
    Reflexology is a hands-on healing treatment for aches, ailments, and traumas to the body. Today’s most common treatment contact points are the feet, hands, and sometimes the ears. The history of reflexology goes back as far as 5000 B.C.
    There are several theories that apply to reflexology. The most commonly known are the Zone Theory and the Meridian Theory. These involve direct manipulation and compression of pressure points and zones of the feet and hands. Relief of pain or discomfort in the problematic areas of the body may be immediate or sometimes 24 – 48 hours later.
    Although many reflexologists can find many problems through treatment, reflexology is still not a valid method for diagnosing medical problems and conditions. However, if you check into the history of reflexology, you will find that most of its’ modern pioneers and leaders are indeed medical doctors.
    Reflexology can be a treatment reactively for body and foot disorders as well as proactively as a means of maintaining good health. It is a great alternative treatment for those with contraindications for regular massage (such as burn victims, broken bones, skin disorders, or hypersensitivity to touch). You can find an abundant amount of information on reflexology at any library, bookstore, or on the internet.

Integrative Reflexology

Reflexology Charts

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